Do Calgary Homes Benefit from Impact-Resistant Shingles?

Your roof keeps out the rain, helps ensure your home’s structural integrity, and is a vital part of your property’s curb appeal—so protecting it from debris and inclement weather is essential for maintaining your investment. Impact-resistant shingles offer more durability than standard varieties—but is Calgary’s weather rough enough that you […]

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Skylight Mythbusters: 10 Myths Calgarians Should Stop Believing

Skylights are beautiful, but some Calgarians have concerns about having them installed. That’s because there are plenty of myths circulating about skylights—for example, that they’re expensive, difficult to maintain, or that they leak. Fortunately, none of those things are true if you have your skylight installed properly by qualified professionals. […]

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7 Ways Your Home’s Exterior Can Improve Energy Efficiency

We all want to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. Energy-conscious living is better for the environment and helps battle the ever-rising costs of gas and electricity. ENERGY STAR appliances and electronics lower consumption inside your home. But your home’s exterior plays a massive part in improving energy efficiency, […]

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