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Guns N Hoses Roofing, Insulation & Exterior Services in Calgary, Okotoks & Surrounding Areas

Our Experience Makes It So Easy

We pride ourselves on being professionals you can trust for your housing projects. Our new roof installations use the best materials to ensure your roof is durable and functional.

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Nobody wants a leaky roof. If your roof has sustained damage and needs work, you can trust us to complete jobs with the knowledge and skills to address the problem quickly and efficiently.

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Skylights can brighten up your home and transform a room, making it feel more spacious. Our team of roofing and exterior experts can ensure you have the skylight you want, done right.

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Siding can protect your home from the elements and give your home an appearance you love. We are dedicated to providing excellent service replacing or repairing the siding on your home.

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Proper gutters and eavestroughs ensure rain and snow can properly drain off of your roof, preventing flooding or moisture problems. We worry about your roof, so you don’t have to.

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LeafGuard® provides a unique gutter system for your home specially designed to protect against debris buildup that can lead to clogs and leaks.

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Proper insulation can save you money on energy by regulating the temperature in your home! With our help, you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Improper ventilation can cause significant moisture damage in your attic. Konnect services allow us to ensure your ventilation ducts are properly sealed and installed, protecting your attic!

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Thought we just handled everything home-exterior? Think again! We can help you achieve the perfect private backyard with a deck made for BBQing, entertaining, and all your favourite summer activities.

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So Who IS Guns N Hoses?

Guns N Hoses is a family-owned company that has been operating since 2006, featuring experienced staff that have installed and serviced thousands of roofs and serviced thousands of homes.

We are a group of roofing and exterior professionals that are dedicated to providing first-rate services that you can trust. Whether we are replacing your roof or installing a skylight to add value to your home – we ensure you are fully satisfied with our work and check in on you once it’s all said and done.

We are certified roof installers, but also hold various certifications in pretty much anything roofing and exterior. We are passionate about your home’s external workings, so you don’t have to think twice about them.

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Free Video Estimates

Need to know if you need service? We provide free video estimates, so you know precisely what you need done and how much it’ll cost.


We know that some services can cost more than small fixes, so we offer flexible payment plans and financing to get your home feeling like home again sooner.


All of our professional staff are fully certified in the installation of our preferred products.

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Neighbour Bonuses

Know someone that needs roofing or exterior work? We offer great referral and neighbour bonuses to thank you for spreading the word!

Guns N Hoses Roofing Projects

Our Projects

We are thrilled to share our latest projects with you! We invite you to check out Our Project Page to see what we\’ve been up to. Filter by City/Town, Project Type, Photos, Reviews, and more!

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Your roof protects your home, your belongings, and your family from the unpredictability of the elements. Our roofing services ensure your roof is providing the protection you need!

If you aren’t sure if you need a repair or replacement, we offer free video estimates so you can have a rock-solid idea of what you need done and how much it will cost.


The exterior of your house offers style and protection from wind, hail, rain, and snow. Our qualified and experienced staff can ensure that your home’s exterior features are installed correctly to provide long-lasting protection.

If you are interested in our services and what we offer, we provide free video estimates so we can explain what you might need done and any related costs.


We live in an area that experiences some extreme temperatures, which only highlights the role good insulation plays in keeping our homes comfortable. Insulation helps your home stay cool during hot summer months, and warm when it’s cold. Proper insulation keeps temperatures regulated, which can protect your roof from damage!

We are here to help – we offer free video estimates to outline what your home may need, how we can help, and how much you can expect it to cost.

Enhanced Services

We recognize that some services may need some extra TLC to guarantee longevity and quality. We offer various enhanced services that you can add on to your roofing or exterior project to add value and prevent damage.

If you are curious as to what you may be able to add to your home, take advantage of our free video estimates so we can give you all the information you may need.

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