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Attic Thermal Imaging in Calgary & Area

What Sets Us Apart

At Guns N Hoses, we are FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) certified on best practices and techniques for thermal imaging. This means our inspections are all-encompassing, pinpointing problems before they can get worse.

We pride ourselves on building our services around your needs, so we offer Konnect to provide a guaranteed warranty below the roof. Unlike other roofing companies, we’ll ensure your vents and ducts are sealed and installed correctly to avoid future problems and damage.

We recognize that necessary work on your home may be costly. We offer flexible payment plans that work with your budget so you can repair what you need when you need to.

If you have a pleasant experience with us and are happy with the work we do, please recommend us to a friend, family member, or neighbour! We offer fantastic bonuses as an incentive to spread the word.

Keep Your Energy Costs Under Control

If your rooms take a long time to heat or cool in certain seasons, you may have a moisture problem caused by insulation loss. Thermal imaging can help us to see what’s going on in your rafters, which help us create a plan for your home, saving you money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thermal imaging cameras capture infrared energy transfers in a palette where warmer objects appear brighter and cooler objects appear darker. This type of imaging is important during home inspections as it can help pinpoint insulation problems and moisture buildup.

Absolutely! We offer flexible payment plans and financing options so you can enjoy the benefits of thermal imaging without breaking your budget.

The images will detect energy transfers in an easily-read colour palette. The warmer and cooler objects detected indicate heat loss, moisture or leaks, and damaged heating or cooling systems. Early detection of these issues can prevent further damage.

The process is relatively simple, but the time necessary to do a thorough inspection depends on a few factors. The size of your home and your current concerns can change how long we will need in your home, so please give us a call for an accurate quote.

Why Choose Guns N Hoses?

We take pride in high-quality work that you can rely on. We don’t give up until you’re fully satisfied with our services.


Leave No Trace - Guaranteed

If we visit your home for a renovation, repair, or inspection, we’ll be sure to clean up after ourselves once we are finished.


We Have You Covered

We want you to feel supported with your home exterior needs, so please give us a call so we can help you solve your problems!


Here When You Need Us

We are here to help, so please give us a call when you encounter an issue – we’ll get back to you ASAP, guaranteed!


You’re a VIIP

To us, you’re a Very Individual and Important Person, so we treat your home and your project like our own.

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