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What Sets Us Apart

We’ve been repairing and renovating homes in Calgary and the surrounding areas since 2006, so we know the climate and the needs your home will have.

We have faith in the work we do, and we’re sure you’ll be happy too! If you have a great experience with us, tell a friend or someone in your community, and we’ll send you a bonus!

We operate in all 4 seasons of the year so you can source high-quality work when you need it.

If you encounter any issues or problems with your gutters within 5 years of installation, we’ll fix them- no questions asked.

Maximize Your Gutters Lifespan

Installing a leaf guard on your gutter can prevent leaves and other debris from building up, helping you avoid stubborn clogs. This prevents having to clean out your gutters periodically, maximizing their lifespan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can give you the most accurate estimate after we can see the size and length of your current gutters. Please give us a call for a complimentary consultation!

Although it isn’t necessary to have a leaf guard installed, they can significantly reduce the maintenance required for your gutters. Leaves and debris can get stuck in your gutters, causing ice buildup and clogs, making them difficult to clean.

Bad weather can damage your home’s exterior, including your LeafGuard. Most leaf guards are designed to resist all types of weather conditions, including hail, but some damage may occur in extreme circumstances.

Although leaf guards are affordable, the overall cost can depend on the size of your gutters and your home. We can give you the most accurate estimate after inspection, so please give us a call for a complimentary consultation.

Why Choose Guns N Hoses?

We take pride in high-quality work that you can rely on. We don’t give up until you’re fully satisfied with our services.


You’re a VIIP

Every client and every project is different; that’s why we treat all our customers like VIIPs – Very Important and Individual People.


We Have You Covered

We are well-versed in all things home exterior, so when you give us a call – you’ll get an answer.


Leave No Trace

When we complete a job, we’re diligent about cleaning up, so you’ll never know we were there.


5 Year Workmanship Warranty for Gutters

If you notice an issue with your gutters within 5 years of installation, we’ll fix it. Free of charge!

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