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How to Discover Roof Leaks (& What to Do If You Find Them) | 4 mins

The Guns N Hoses team has fixed leaky roofs throughout the Calgary area, so we know all about how to recognize leaks and take effective steps to address them. Learn what you can do by yourself here, and what parts of the job require experienced professional help. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Sun Tunnels (Calgary Edition) | 5 mins

The expert professional roofers at Guns N Hoses have installed sun tunnels in homes throughout Calgary—let us tell you everything you need to know when considering one of these convenient natural light sources for a space in your home! […]

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Do Calgary Homes Benefit from Impact-Resistant Shingles? | 3 mins

Your roof keeps out the rain, helps ensure your home’s structural integrity, and is a vital part of your property’s curb appeal—so protecting it from debris and inclement weather is essential for maintaining your investment. Impact-resistant shingles offer more durability than standard varieties—but is Calgary’s weather rough enough that you […]

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