The Best Time of Year for Roof Inspections

The Best Time of Year for Roof Inspections

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In this blog we’ll explore the advantages of scheduling winter and summer inspections in order to effectively catch various seasonal issues.



Posted by Tricia | February 22, 2024

Regular roof inspections are crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your home. During an inspection, one of our trained roofing professionals will look for leaks, wear and tear, weather damage, and any other structural problems from installation or previous repairs.

However, you might be wondering about the best time of year to conduct these inspections.

Well, the debate typically centers around winter and summer inspections. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of both to help you schedule the best time for your roof inspection.

At Guns N Hoses we believe that the better care you take of your roof, the longer it will last. And our goal is to keep your roof performing at its best for as long as possible.If it’s time for a roof inspection or you have any questions about replacement or repairs, please contact us today!

Winter Inspections

There are a lot of misconceptions about roofing in the winter, including that not only are winter inspections impractical, but that they simply can’t be done because roofers don’t work in the winter, right? Not only do our roofing professionals work year round, but we also strongly believe in the advantages of winter inspections, including:

Detecting issues like ice dams before they worsen.

  • Ice dams form when heat escapes from a poorly insulated roof, causing snow to melt and freeze along your gutters. Ice dams can become extremely heavy and cause significant damage.

Identifying vulnerabilities that show up in cold conditions, such as damaged or missing shingles, damage due to heavy snow, or clogged gutters.

  • Missing shingles are an easy entry point for water, debris, animals and other contaminants.
  • Excess weight from snow can put massive stress on your roof, affecting the structural components and even leading to leaks and water damage.
  • Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams and resulting damage.

Ensuring your home is insulated and energy-efficient during heating months.

  • Winter is probably the easiest time to tell if you have insulation issues. If cold air is seeping into your home, call us today, we’ll quickly identify the insulation issue and get it rectified.

Less busy, resulting in shorter wait times for you!

The team at Guns N Hoses is well-equipped for all cold weather tasks, and with our modern roofing technology and materials, we can handle any and all repairs and replacements during colder months. And you can rest assured our experienced roofers know how to navigate seasonal challenges safely and efficiently.

Summer Inspections

Summertime is typically the go-to time for all things roofing, and here are only some of the reasons why:

Ideal for checking UV and heat damage.

  • Warm weather and clear skies provide safer conditions and better visibility for inspections, and make it easier to identify signs of wear like fading, deterioration and blistering.

Evaluating the aftermath of spring showers.

  • Spring can be a tough season for your roof, and bring specific challenges: water damage from rain and melting snow, pooling water, wind damage, hail damage, overhanging tree limbs, and mold growth are all common this time of year, and summer inspections allow you to catch these issues quicker, mitigating expensive repairs or replacements.

Summer is also a great time to do any preventative maintenance on your roof before the colder months ahead due to the drier conditions.

  • Summer is considered the busy season for our roofers, potentially meaning longer wait times. At Guns N Hoses we do everything we can to mitigate long wait times and are proud to offer priority service to our customers in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

What to Do if Your Roof Needs Maintenance

When you schedule your inspection a professional will look for leaks, wear and tear, weather damage, and any other structural problems from installation or previous repairs.

The four main parts of our inspection include:

  • A structural inspection includes looking for any structural damage
  • A material inspection includes checking for any missing or damaged roofing material
  • An interior inspection includes checking the interior of your home for signs of roof-related damage
  • A workmanship Inspection includes examining your roof for any past installation or repair mistakes

After the inspection is complete, your technician will give you a detailed report outlining any issues and a list of recommended repairs. It’s important to take this report seriously if you want to maintain your roof properly.

So, when is the best time for a roof inspection? Ultimately, it depends on your specific circumstances.

Winter inspections can be useful for identifying certain issues like insulation problems and ice dams. While summer inspections offer better conditions and are ideal for thorough examinations and repairs, but you might face longer wait times.

For most homeowners, the best approach is to schedule inspections in both seasons. A summer inspection for a comprehensive check and possible repairs, and a winter follow-up to ensure the roof is holding up against the harsher weather.

Remember, regular roof maintenance is key to preventing costly damage and ensuring the safety and longevity of your home. Contact Guns N Hoses today, we’re here to help when you need us. And with our comprehensive financing options you’ll get the inspection, maintenance, repair or installation service you need, at a price you can afford.

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Written by Tricia Arsenault

Tricia’s first experience roofing was when she was a teenager, roofing with her dad in small-town Manitoba. Her dad was a farmer but they did construction in their spare time, and she was his right-hand woman. After highschool, Tricia graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Marketing and International business. She has worked in the travel and finance industry and then returned full circle to the construction industry when she started Guns N Hoses with Keith over 14 years ago. Fun fact: Tricia has traveled all over the world, lived in three different continents and traveled to fifteen different countries.

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